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01/08/15  Super results for Thomas, Alex, Chloe and Elias in Aalborg, see Youth Games
13/07/15  Results Here for Biddulph Open Meet. Some fantastic times. Well done Otters.
01/07/15  Due to a key swimmer withdrawing late a last minute alteration had to be made that broke the rules so 13 points have been deducted from our result below

Otters TRI for the Charity Headway

14 Carnforth Otters swimmers formed five teams and took part in the 3-1-5 indoor triathlon relay in order to raise funds for the charity Headway. Headway, Lancaster and Morecambe Bay, are a self-funding group which offers support to people with Brain Injuries and their carers within the district.

Fourteen Carnforth Otters swimmers formed five teams and took part in the 3-1-5 indoor triathlon relay in order to raise funds for the charity Headway. Headway, Lancaster and Morecambe Bay, are a self-funding group which offers support to people with Brain Injuries and their carers within the district. Many of the team members exchanged their usual swimming attire for running and cycling kit with four teams completing the sprint distance (400m swim, 6 mile bike, 3 mile run), and one team in the Olympic distance (800m swim, 12mile bike, 6 mile run). The teams included a club coach and there was also a mum's team.

The swimmers chose the charity as club captain Mary Hodgson's dad was in a serious cycling crash two years ago and the swimming club members were very supportive of her family whilst he was in hospital. Once home, Headway helped her dad and the rest of her family come to terms with his injuries.

In total the swimmers raised £100 in entry fees and £370 in sponsorship monies. This week the swimmers invited members of the Headway group along to see them train in their more usual environment of the swimming pool and handed them a cheque for the monies they had raised.

Jason Le Masurier, a member of Headway who has recently competed in his first triathlon commented, "It was great to see these young people taking part in the indoor triathlon and Headway will put this money to good use encouraging and supporting its members to become as active as is possible."

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North Lancs Age Groups, January

Our Christmas Training Times at Heysham are ONLY for swimmers who have entered Age Groups in January. These sessions are our final preparation stage from our first training cycle. Please note entries must be in by Wed 10th December.
There will be Christmas training at HEYSHAM for those swimmers competing at North Lancs Age groups ONLY:
  • Mon 22nd Dec 1 -3pm
  • Tue 23rd Dec 1- 3pm
  • Sat 27th Dec 12 - 2 pm
  • Sun 28th Dec 12 - 2pm
  • Tue 30th Dec 11 - 1 pm
  • Sun 4th Jan 12pm- 2pm (only for normal Sunday group as Salt Ayre closed 4th January.

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8 Records Broken at Club Gala

Well done to all club swimmers who competed at the club gala this weekend. 8 club records broken and a fantastic turn out from our swimmers. Click Here for results
174 Personal Bests, 8 NEW CLUB RECORDS:
  • Lucy Adamson (6), 18m Freestyle (14.59), 18m Backstroke (17.05)
  • Eric Inman (6), 18m Freestyle (13.66)
  • Rhianna Sisson (8), 25m Freestyle (17.22)
  • Ace Bower (9), 50m Freestyle (35.85)
  • George Cookson (10), 50m Freestyle (33.36)
  • Josh Thompson (16), 100m Freestyle (51.50), 100m IM (57.96)

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Ace Leads the Way at Wigan

With 2 months in a pot with a broken ankle and only 1 week back training Ace(9) led the way with a Gold in the 50m Free (34.89). Hayden(9) Connor(11), Aimee(13) and Rhys(10) also took medals. Mathew, Lydia, Alex, Alice and Thomas all swam County Times

Carnforth Otters Juniors were in action again last weekend at the Wigan Future Stars Meet, a Level 2 competition that placed our young Otters against the best in the North West. 9 year old Ace Bower was superb. Following 2 months in a pot with a broken ankle and only 1 week back at training, Ace took Gold in the 50m Freestyle with a time of 34.89. A superb achievement for Ace in his first open competition. This result also gives Ace his first County Qualifying Time for 2015. 9 year old Hayden Mills also delivered some exceptional swims with a 3:24.67 in 200BK that gave him a Bronze medal and a super 37.74 in the 50m Free. Ace also took bronze in 200m Breastroke with a time of 3:54.15.

At the 10 year old age group Rhys Ashton managed to smash his 200m Freestyle time swimming a 2:42.76 that gives young Rhys his second County Qualifying Time. Rhys also secured a third County Time on his 100 Backstroke with a 1:26.48, but just missed out on his 50 backstroke with a 40.83. Alice Sands also secured her 3rd County Qualifying Time for the 200 Backstroke coming in on a solid 3:08.20. Further medals were taken by 11 year old Connor White in the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1:33.35 (Silver) and in the 50m Breastroke with a time of 42.50 (also Silver)

For the older swimmers, the meet brought rewards to the intense training program they are following. 12 year old Thomas Dugdale was back to form with a 1:15.38 for his 100 Fly, another County time. 12 year old Lydia Denby swam a superb County Qualifying time of 5:13.80 in her 400m Freestyle and a solid personal best of 1:17.71 in 100 Fly. 12 year old Mathew Crabtree also smashed all his personal best times and achieved County Qualifying Times of 31.02 for 50 free, 1:08.50 for 100 free and 2:27.19 for 200 free. 13 year old Aimee Banks continued her superb form with outstanding swims with a 29.27 in her 50 Freestyle, 1:02.77 in 100 Freestyle and a 2:28.54 in the 200 Backstroke (Bronze medal). 13 year old Alexandra Livingstone also swan personal best times in 7 events with County Times for all 7 races.

Well done also to 12 year old Kiera Richmond, 13 year old Ben Winterburn and 14 year old Jessica Shatford who put in some solid performances at the event.

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Young Otters Caught Speeding in Blackpool

The next generation of mighty Otters put their training to the test in Blackpool returning with Speeding Tickets, Medals and Personal Best Swims. Well done to in particular Sacha, Josh, Hayden, Zara, Thomas and Aleksander as this was their first open comp
The next generation of mighty young Carnforth Otters put their training to the test at the North Lancs Level 3 Gala in Blackpool. 17 Otters competed, bringing home an incredible 20 speeding tickets that are awarded to swimmers who have improved their times so much they swim faster than the level of the competition allows.

The 8-12 year old Junior Top Squad swimmers laid down the gauntlet for competing clubs in the 2014/15 season. At the 200m distance, 10 year old George Cookson and 9 year old Ellie Howley were superb with 200m Freestyle times of 2:41.79 and 3:09.70, both being awarded speeding tickets for swimming faster than the fastest qualifying time for the competition. This time also gives George his first qualifying time for Lancashire County's in March 2015. 9 year olds Hannah McMillan and Sacha Robb also competed this distance both swimming under 3:27 with Hannah winning gold with a time of 3:22.36 and 9 year old Hayden Mills a 3:18.79 which also made the gold medal spot. Also at the 200m distance, 10 year old Rhys Ashton took top spot in the Breastroke with a time of 3:41.02 that gained him a speeding ticket although the win was not as sweet as it could have been as young George got the better of him by 6 seconds but was disqualified on a turn. In the 200m backstroke, 10 year old Alice sands also took a speeding ticket swimming a 3:09.82 that also qualifies her for County's and 9 year old Hayden another superb Gold Medal swim at 3:34.78 in what is his first competition.

At the shorter distances 10 year olds George Cookson and Rhys Ashton took the two top spots in the 100m IM with very respectable times of 1:29.62 and 1:30.72. Both have considerable room for improvement so in the next competition this event will be an interesting race. 12 year old Megan Haines smashed her PB in the 50 Free to achieve a time 39.94 and 10 year Alice Sands, braving the effects of a nasty bug also took a speeding ticket despite a 1.5 seconds drop off from the previous weeks Biathlon time of 34.00. 9 year old Hayden put in a superb sprint to finish 2nd on the 50m free with a time of 38.21 that gave him another speeding ticket. 9 year old Ellie Howley finished with a Speeding Ticket with a time of 39.36 and Hannah McMillan just missed a medal with a 40.52. Zara Wilson was close on her heels with a 40.61 and Sacha Robb just a fraction behind at 40.81. 10 year old Josh Rigby also put in a great first gala swim with a time of 47.11. In the 50m fly, 10 year old Aleksander Tokarski at his first gala swam a super 46.51, 9 year old Hannah McMillan a gold medal swim of 47.40 and Sacha Robb an excellent 51.77. 10 year old George Cookson also took top spot with a 42.05 Gold Medal swim.

The older Top Squad swimmers also used the event as an opportunity to see how their training is progressing in events were their existing times are appropriate for the competition entry requirements. 13 year old Ben Winterburn smashed his personal best times in the 100m and 200m freestyle with times of 1:06.30 and 2:25.37. 12 year old Kiera Richmond was also superb on 100m and 200m Breastroke swimming 1:29.91 and 3:12.53. 12 year old Thomas Dugdale showed he was back to form with a 2:50.15 in the 200m IM and Lydia Denby delivered a superb 200m Fly to finish with a 2:58.86.

The Carnforth Otters junior squad now look forward to the Level 2 competition at Wigan mid-November and the completion of their first training cycle in January with North Lancs Age Groups.

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England Talent Squad for Emma

Emma Whitaker has recently been awarded a place on the Pentathlon England Talent Program, a major achievement. In this interview, Emma talks about how she got onto the program and what she hopes to achieve.

Pentathlon involves 5 sports, swimming, running, shooting, fencing and horse riding. There are also biathlons that involves the running and swimming. There is also a "Triathlon" event that unlike the Olympic sport that involves a continuous swim, bike and run replaces the bike with shooting to deliver an event that normally involves a swim, then a sperate shoot and finally a combined run and shoot. This type of Triathlon is called "Modern Triathlon".

What are you hoping to achieve now you are on the Pentathlon England Talent Program?

I would really like to do Pentathlon events when I am older. I have done lots of Biathlons and Modern Triathlons that involves shooting as well. I love riding and have done lots of show jumping. I would love to get into the GB team but am not sure yet whether I am good enough.

How did you get onto The English Talent Program?

I did training days at Accrington and did some Biathlons and a Triathlon and competed in two fencing competitions. I needed to get a fast swim time and a fast run time. It took ages but eventually I achieved it. Now I have also got a fencing kit.

How important is your swimming within the Pentathlon events?

Really important as you get more points on your swim than any of the other events. I have had to start doing loads more swimming since I got onto the talent program. It's a big change because over the past few years I have only been doing once or twice per week.

How are you finding the increased amount of swimming you have to do?

I am enjoying my swimming loads more. It is much harder as I am in a harder lane now but I know I am getting lots faster and fitter. It's really good. I have always been lots slower than my friends and now I am getting similar times.

What advice would you give the young Otters who may be interested in Pentathlon?

Train hard but don't overdo it otherwise you will get bored and stop enjoying it. Do all the disciplines in training you will compete in. Don't worry if you are not the fastest, I am still not as fast as loads of my friends but I am starting to get a lot quicker now.

What are you really proud of?

I did the Triathlon Championships at Solihull and got the best combined score for the run and shoot and I am really proud of competing in the events I do because they are really hard. At the beginning of the season it was the national triathlon champs where I achieved best combined event in my age group. Just recently I also completed my first full Pentathlon where I finished 4th against the countries best in my age group.

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Otters Swimmers Compete at Inter-Regionals

Josh Thompson, Hannah Edwards and Ella Mounsey represented their County's at the ASA National County Team Championships in Sheffield. As part of the winning team Josh swam a 1.02.58 for the 100m Breastroke, the 5th fastest time ever for a 16 year old

Defending their record of 12 consecutive wins, the Lancashire swim team had their work cut out at this year's British Gas ASA National County Team Championships, one of the most colourful events in the swimming calendar. Slower on paper than arch rivals Yorkshire, it needed everyone in the team to be at their best to bring home a 13th win this year.

Competing in the 16/17 year age group for Lancashire, 16 year old Josh Thompson had a superb swim in the 100m Breaststroke, finishing 2nd in a personal best time of 1.02.58- the 5th fastest time ever for a 16 year old. Josh also competed in the Medley Team Relay, with a 50m Breaststroke leg of 28.34 helping the team to great finish in a time of 1.42.52. He also swam in the 6 x 50m Freestyle Mixed Relay team.

Holding off Somerset,Yorkshire and Middlesex all day, Lancashire were finally crowned 2014 Champions- a very impressive result!

Representing Cumbria for the first time in the 12/13 year age group were 13 year olds Hannah Edwards and Ella Mounsey. Hannah swam right on her personal best time (1.24.95) to finish 20th in the 100m Breaststroke and swam the Breaststroke leg (38.99) in the Medley team relay, the team finishing in 20th position. Ella had to wait patiently for the day's final event, the 6 x 50m Freestyle Mixed Relay. It was worth the wait though, as she pulled off an excellent swim of 30.20.

Having been promoted to Division 1 after last year's Championships, Cumbria weren't quite strong enough to hold onto their place in this Division. Finishing in 20th position, they were relegated to Division 2.

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Times Tumble at Kendal

After only 4 weeks of training since the summer break, our swimmers excelled at the one day Ulverston Graded Meet with outstanding performances from all age groups, especially our younger swimmers Hannah and Maia who competed for the first time.

Carnforth Otters have achieved some exceptional results in their first early season meet in Kendal.  Expectations where not high given only 4 weeks of training competed since the summer break but personal best times toppled and the medals rolled in.

13 year olds Alex Livingston and Aimee Banks both went under 1:12 for their 100 backstroke and together with Hannah Edwards, dominated the 100m event with 2 of the top 3 places with Aimee taking gold with a time of 1:04.31. Meanwhile, 14 year old Holly Salisbury continued to build on the  form that took her to 2014 nationals with a win in the 100m freestyle with a time of 1:02.12 with Emily Reay coming in second.  Emily also took Gold on the 100 fly with a time of 1:11.51. For the boys, William Ritchie, a National Breastroke and Freestyle swimmer turned his hand to fly taking gold with a time of 1:07.39 and Danny Davies delivered the fastest 100m Breastroke time of the day with a time of 1:14.87. 13 year old Chris Stainton, also performed well for early season achieving silver in 100 free (1:03.15).

At the younger end, Connor White put in the best 100m Breastroke time of the day for the 11 year old age group with a time of 42.27 with Charles Moore taking bronze in 50m fly and personal best times in all his events.  10 year old Alice sands continued her return to form after illness with personal best times in all events she competed in and a bronze medal in 50 Breaststroke of 45.28. 10 year old Rhys Ashton also showed early promise for 2015 age groups with improvements in technique delivering 3 bronze medals and top 5 positions in all events and 9 year old Ellie Howley, in only her 2nd gala once again showed herself as a champion of the future with top 3 positions in 50m fly, Breastroke and freestyle.  For  9 year olds Hannah McMillan and Maia Bishop, this was their first gala. Both girls swam superbly laying down times to beat at age groups with Hannah taking ribbons for a 4th and two 5th places.

Well done also to Tomas Dugdale, Kiera Richmond, Hannah Ritchie, Connor Salisbury and Connor Sisson who all swam solid times to build on at 2015 age groups.

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17 Otters in Winning NW Triathlon Team

The COLT team that has won the NW Club Championship 2014 included 17 Carnforth Otters Swimmers out of the 20 strong team. A fantastic achievement and experience for our young Otters

Last Sunday, Triathlon Clubs from across the North West Region including Mersey Tri, Manchester Tri, Chester, Carlisle, Bolton Triathlon clubs, Tri Team Wigan, Arragon’s and Tri Lakeland all came together to race for the 2014 club title. None could match the sheer strength and determination of COLTs juniors. With a minimal strength team of 8-13 year olds and missing all the clubs 14-18 year old athletes, COLT took the title winning by 26 points and pushing Mersey Tri into second place overall and the NW academy hub, Tri team Wigan into third.

10 Year old Rhys Ashton led the way in the points table with a decisive win in the Tristar 1 race which also delivered young Rhys the 2104 individual title for the 2014 race series.  Thomas Dowthwaite took third place, Lewis Trowse 14th and Luke Leadbeatter 19th.  The 8 year old Tristart boys where magnificent, racing as a team with a sprint finish that gave Archie Honeysett 2nd place, Annan Tiger Clarke 4th and George Wilby 5th.  The 8 year old girls, both good swimmers but new to bike racing also performed well with Rhianna Sisson taking 3rd place and Alexandra Craven 10th.

Moving on to Tristar 1 girls, the points table was looking positive for COLT’s so it was now down to the girls to keep the points rolling in. 9 year old Kirsty Maher didn’t disappoint and took 9th place with Pippa Darlington taking 17th and Madison Craven 19th. In the longer Tristar 2 and Tristar 3 events for 11-12 year olds and 13-14 year olds respectively the swim distances go up to 200m and 300m and hence favour the strong swimmers.  In Tristar 2, Lydia Shenton once again was superb on the swim and bike but could not hold off Tri Lakelands elite runner Molly Wren and had to settle for second. Sasha Oldham again was solid at the younger end of the Tristar 2 field and took an impressive 8th place. For the boys, Thomas Dugdale and Jake Edwards raced hard to take 12th and 13th place respectively.  In Tristar 3, Hannah Edwards, Steph Driscoll and Ruby Frankland provided the icing on the cake with a brilliant 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

For a small club to achieve this title against the giants, Mersey Tri, Manchester Tri and Tri Team Wigan is a testament to the athletes but also the coaches especially Mark Smith from Carnforth Otters who has put many hours into supporting COLT juniors and Graham Hodgson from Lancaster & Morecambe Athletics who has done a fantastic job coaching the run. COLT now look forward to 2015 as NW Club Champions 2014 and would also like to thank EDF energy for their support.

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Ellie, Alex and Chris take GOLD at Salford

Some super swims, especially from 9 year old Ellie Howley who in her first gala took gold in the 200 IM with a time of 3:34.46 and Bronze in 50 Fly (47.50) and 50m Breastroke (51.50). Golds also from Alex Livingston and Chris Stainton
Full results on Salford Results. Some super swims especially 12 year old Alex Livingston with a 100 fly of 1:15.63, 200 BR 3:06.28 and 200BK 2:42.16 and 100FR 1:08.28. Also 13 year old Chris Stainton took the 50 BR title in 38.51 and in 100FR in 1:02.28. Well done also to Connor Salisbury, Rhys Ashton, Lydia Denby, Ffion Ashton, Kiera Richmond, Hannah Ritchie, Connor White, Ella Mousley and Alice Sands for some great swims.

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