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19/10/14  Lancashire win County Championship, 16yr Josh Thompson swims a world class time of 1.02.58 100BR and a 28.34 50 BR relay split
06/10/14  Parents Evening - 18th October 16:00 to 17:00 all parents, learn about the swim program, competitions and the running of the club
30/09/14  Click Here for the final results from the Ulverstone Graded Meet of the 27th September 2014.

Young Otters Can Run

Otters youngsters were out in force at the Blackpool Aquathlon with George Wilby taking Gold, Annan Tiger Clarke Silver, Tom Adamson Bronze and Joe Martin 4th place in the Tristart race this weekend. Rhys Ashton took Gold in Tristar 1

Young COLT Triathletes, all member of Carnforth Otters ASC where out in force this weekend for the Blackpool Junior Aquathlon. In the Tristart competition that involved a 50m swim and 400m run, our athletes took the first 4 places. With George Wilby taking Gold, Annan Tiger Clarke Silver, Tom Adamson Bronze and Joe Martin just 3 seconds behind in 4th place.

In Tristart 1 Rhys Ashton took Gold again after being pushed hard by Frazer Cooke from Southport Swimming Club. Rhys swan 150m and ran 1200m with a winning time of 7:12. In Tristar 3 Ben Winterburn achieved his best result of the season with a superb Silver medal coming in with a time of 16:46.

Well done also to Lydia-Louise Shenton who took Bronze in Tristar 2 girls with a time of 12:59 and Sasha Oldham, Harry Booth, Kirsty Maher, Madisson and Alexandria Craven, Jack Collet and Will Howard also put in excellent performances.

These results secure for Rhys and Lydia top positions in the North West Championship although the season is still young with most of the triathlons still to come.

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Sarah & Mary Take Gold and Silver at the British Junior Aquathlon Championships

Carnforth Otters sisters Sarah and Mary Hodgson take an incredible Gold and Silver at the British Junior Aquathlon Championship in Hyde Park, London this weekend. Congratulations to both our swimmers for this amazing achievement.

The British Junior Aquathlon Championships took place at Hyde Park, London as part of the PruHealth ITU World Championship Series on Saturday. The young athletes competed on the course as the crowds started lining the course ready for elite senior events. On a glorious day the athletes competed over the swim-run course (750m swim/5km run).

In the girls’ event, the early pace in the swim was set by a lone swimmer with a small bunch including Sarah Hodgson chasing her down. The next bunch of swimmers included younger sister Mary Hodgson. By the exit of the swim the first three swimmers had formed a group and Sarah exited the water in second place. Mary was out the water in 4th place just over 30 seconds behind her sister. A quick transition meant that Sarah took an early lead which she extended throughout the 3 lap run. At the end of the first lap Mary was still in 4th but with the third placed runner in her sights she quickly moved into third. As she turned into the final lap she moved into second place holding onto a small lead from the third placed athlete throughout the third lap. So the podium was a family affair and saw Sarah Hodgson (27:59) take gold and Mary Hodgson Silver(30:19).

Sarah commented, "My swim was the weaker part so I was surprised to come out of the water with the leaders. From there it was just a question of running to bring it home. It's amazing to be able to do it on the Olympic course and the atmosphere is great for it.”

Both girls are members of the City of Lancaster Triathlon Club. Sarah, who is based at Leeds University, trains with the Leeds Triathlon Centre, however during the holiday trains in Lancaster with Mary. Both girls would like to thank Mark Smith from Carnforth Otters and Colin Gemson from Lancaster & Morecambe AC for helping to prepare them for this event.

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Otters Rock in Blackpool

With only a week to go before the North West Regional Championships, many Carnforth Otters swimmers elected to use the Blackpool Rocks weekend for training but those who did race certainly turned some heads.

With only a week to go before the North West Regional Championships, many Carnforth Otters swimmers elected to use the Blackpool Rocks weekend for training but those who did race certainly turned some heads. Please see Rocks Results for the official results for the weekends racing.

New girl 13 year old Holly Salisbury who has only been training with Carnforth Otters for 3 months claimed no fewer than 6 gold medals. This meet, has shown that Holly has a bright future under Carnforth's Performance Program. "I have really enjoyed the last few months training with the Otters and although the program is tough, I have seen this weekend how much I have improved". Holly knocked 12 seconds of her 400 Free time, 4 seconds of her 200 Free, 5 seconds off her 200 Backstroke with PB's for all other events. Holly will race again next weekend at North West Regionals.

Also bringing home 5 Gold medals was 13 year old Christopher Stainton with a solid PB in the 50m Freestyle of 28:43. Emily Reay who trains at both Kendal and with Carnforth Otters T-squad on this occasion represented Kendal ASC bringing home the top 14 year old girl award in the bagcats, 6 gold medals and 2 Silvers with PB's in 5 of her events. Emily will also join her friends at Otters at North West Regionals next weekend.

At the younger end, the participation was focused around a group of swimmers developing for level 2 competitions in 2014/15. Achieving impressive gains and a further gold plus 4 silver medals was 11 year old Thomas Dugdale who knocked 10 seconds of his 200 IM time, 3 seconds off his 100 Backstroke, 4 seconds off his 100 Fly, 3 seconds off his 200 Free and 3 seconds of his 100 Free. 13 year old Ben Winterburn also demonstrated a massive improvement by swimming a 2:30 for his 200 Free. 10 seconds faster than 6 months ago.

Further impressive gains where achieved by 12 year old Mathew Crabtree, knocking 7 seconds of his 200 Free time since January with PB's in all other events. 11 year old Kiera Richmond achieved PB's in all her races, Connor Salisbury with PB's in every event including a 5 second gain in his 100m Fly and Connor White who knocked 8 seconds off his 200m Breastroke. 9 and 10 year old Rhys Ashton and George Cookson went head to head in several events, both smashing their 200 Free times with major gains on their Breastroke. Also bringing home Bronze medals was Richard Mead for 50m Backstroke and Ffion Ashton for 50m Fly. Richard also smashed his 200m Free time with a 10 second PB and a 2 seconds gain on his 100 free. In the 400m Freestyle, 12 year old Hannah Ritchie, 11 year old Sunni Rich and 12 year old Lydia Denby all produced fantastic swims. Lydia also knocked 8 seconds of her 200IM time and 7 seconds off her 200 Fly.

Well done also to Alice Sands who returned to competition following illness and both William Mead and Lydia Shenton who both knocked a considerable time of their 200 backstoke.

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Rhianna Reports on her Aquathlon Win at Northwich

7 Year old Rhiana Sisson reports on her day at Northwich Aquathlon with her friends Anan and Tom and the COLTS she swims alongside at Otters, Rhys, Lydia and Ffion.
Got up early at seven o clock to set off. On the way Mum got lost had to ask two people how to get there? Finally we got there to meet Anan, sign in get a drink from the burger van.

We put our things in transition then walked round the track with Anan, then went to get ready. I felt nervous but was determined to beat the boys!! My goggles were about to snap so mum quickly ran out to get more. Then I got my chip which was number 8.

The man told us what to do, then we got in the water and after a countdown the whistle went!! I was in the lead in the swimming - I did 2 lengths then got out, the lady said well done, I walked out to transition put my race belt and trainers on and then I was off. I sprinted then I slowed down, making sure the boys weren't catching me, then at the end I sprinted again

I got my medal, snack and drink and the man told me I'd won. I got a picture taken with Anan and Tom then I got changed and we had a picture with the big teddy bear mascot, outside we sat on the grass and ate sausage and chips with all our friends from Otters.

Next it was time to set off home, I fell asleep in the car after what was my favourite aquathon so far!

Rhianna Sisson

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7 year old Rhianna takes the win at Northwich

Carnforth swimmer 7 year old Rhianna Sisson joined her friends from City of Lancaster Triathlon (COLT) this weekend at the Northwich Aquathlon in the Tristart category to take an impressive win with a 50m swim and transition time of 1:27 and a 400m run ti
Carnforth swimmer 7 year old Rhianna Sisson joined her friends from City of Lancaster Triathlon this weekend at the Northwich Aquathlon in the Tristart category to take an impressive win with a 50m swim and transition time of 1:27 and a 400m run time of 2:40. The Tristart category is indented as an introduction to triathlon based events for 8-9 year olds and this result builds on two super performances at the Salt Ayre and Kendal Aquathlons over the last few weeks. Also competing in the Tristart category was Anna Tiger Clark and Tom Adamson both of whom performed superbly. Congratulations also to Carnforth swimmer Rhys Ashton who once again took the win in Tristar 1 despite a problematic transition, Lydia Shenton with an impressive 2nd place in Tristar 2 and Ffion Ashton with a 5th place in Tristar 3.

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Otters on top form at Bolton Metro Meet

With almost every swim producing a personal best time, our swimmers were on top form at this one day meet. There were a haul of medals and a great performance from 10 year old Jake Edwards, a relatively new competitor to
Bolton Metro Sprint Meet - April '14

With almost every swim producing a personal best time, swimmers from Otters were on top form when they competed at this one day meet. There were a haul of medals to take home at the end of the day and a great performance from 10 year old Jake Edwards, a relatively new competitor to open meets.

Three swimmers, Ella Mounsey, Hannah Edwards and Alex Livingstone also achieved more Regional qualifying times and now look forward to going to the North West Regional Championships for the first time at the end of May.

  • 50 BREAST 43.91 4TH
  • 50 FREE 35.92 PB 11TH
  • 50 BACK 41.75 PB 15TH
  • 100 BREAST 1.36.24 PB BRONZE
  • 100 FREE 1.21.41 PB 9TH
  • 200 IM 2.49.82 PB BRONZE
  • 100 BACK 1.16.12 PB SILVER
  • 100 BREAST 1.26.03 PB SILVER
  • 100 FREE 1.08.29 PB 4TH
  • 100 FLY 1.18.03 PB BRONZE
  • 100 BACK 1.15.02 PB GOLD
  • 100 BREAST 1.29.28 PB 4TH
  • 100 FREE 1.07.86 PB GOLD
  • 50 BREAST 46.80 PB 20TH
  • 100 BREAST 1.42.67 PB 18TH
  • 100 FREE 1.25.00 PB 23RD
  • 100 BACK 1.11.94 PB BRONZE
  • 50 FREE 29.84 BRONZE
  • 50 BACK 33.47 PB GOLD
  • 50 FLY 34.21 SILVER
  • 100 FREE 1.03.92 PB SILVER
  • 50 BREAST 38.82 SILVER
  • 100 BACK 1.17.40 7TH
  • 50 FREE 32.08 11TH
  • 50 BACK 36.59 6TH
  • 100 BREAST 1.24.09 4TH
  • 50 FLY 36.49 6TH
  • 50 BREAST 34.36 PB GOLD
  • 100 BREAST 1.15.76 PB GOLD
  • 100 IM 1.42.09 PB 8TH
  • 50 BREAST 56.73 PB 12TH
  • 50 BACK 49.87 PB 11TH
  • 50 FLY 54.44 PB 9TH
  • 50 FREE 42.44 PB 11TH
  • 50 BREAST 44.50 PB 4TH
  • 100 BACK 1.32.82 8TH
  • 100 FREE 1.20.15 PB 7TH
  • 100 BREAST 1.41.54 7TH
  • 50 FREE 36.37 PB 8TH
  • 50 BREAST 46.34 PB 8TH
  • 100 BACK 1.24.38 6TH
  • 100 FREE 1.10.44 PB 6TH
  • 50 BACK 39.05 PB BRONZE
  • 50 FREE 32.71 PB 4TH
  • 100 FREE 1.03.14 PB GOLD
  • 200 IM 2.41.50 SILVER
  • 100 BREAST 1.23.14 SILVER
  • 50 BREAST 30.01 PB SILVER

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Club Records Fall at April Club Gala

Fantastic performance from the clubs swimmers with 143 personal best times and 5 new club records from Mckenzie Ronson-Horrocks (8), Ace Bower (9), Aimee Banks (13), Josh Thompson (16) and Rachel Ritchie (18)


  • ACE BOWER (9), 25M BACKSTROKE, 18.98
  • AIMEE BANKS (13), 100 BACKSTROKE, 1.10.72
  • JOSH THOMPSON (16), 100 BACKSTROKE, 1.01.37
  • RACHEL RITCHIE (18), 100 FREESTYLE, 58.40

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Further Medal Haul in Cumbria Championships

This year's Cumbria Age Group Championships produced some impressive results from four Otters, Emily Reay, Chris Stainton, Ella Mounsey and Hannah Edwards who live (and are educated) in Cumbria adding to a superb season at County's
Kendal 8/9th March Copeland 15/16th March Carlisle 22nd March

This year's Cumbria Age Group Championships produced some impressive results from four or our swimmers who live (and are educated) in Cumbria. The swimmers, Emily Reay, Chris Stainton, Ella Mounsey and Hannah Edwards entered the championships in confident mood, following months of meticulous preparation and hard work under the watchful eyes of their coaches here at Carnforth Otters.

Emily Reay continues to go from strength to strength and swam really well across the three weekends claiming 7 fabulous PBs with the following set of stunning results:
50m Free 28.62 (PB) 1st in her age group but qualified for the County Championship Final and came 3rd overall with a time of 28.21 (PB), 100m Free 1.03.02 (PB) 3rd in her age group and in the final 1.03.14 3rd, 200m Free 2.20.17 5th, 400m Free 4.54.69 3rd, 50m Butterfly 32.48 (PB) 3rd, 100m Butterfly 1.10.73 (PB) 3rd in her age group and in the final 1.09.69 (PB) 3rd, 200m Butterfly 2.35.27 (PB) 3rd and 100m IM 1.13.66 (PB) 4th.

Chris Stainton swam into excellent form for the competition and came away with 3 second places, 6 third places and a fourth place, collecting an impressive 8 PB's on the way. His full results are below:
50 Free 28.47 (PB) 3rd, 100 Free 1.03.32 (PB) 3rd, 50 Fly 33.71 (PB) 4th, 100 Fly 1.14.81 (PB) 3rd, 50 Breast 38.36 3rd, 100 Breast 1.22.50 2nd, 50 Back 32.79 (PB) 3rd, 100 Back 1.11.18 (PB) 2nd, 100 IM 1.14.65 (PB) 3rd and 200 IM 2.36.89 (PB) 2nd.

Ella Mounsey turned on both speed and style to produce her best results yet at the Championships, with 3 individual seconds and 2 third places, 2team third places in the medley and freestyle relay and a host of well earnt PBs in
200 freestyle 2.24.83 (PB) 2nd place, 400 freestyle 5.07.07 (PB) 2nd place, 50 fly 35.08 4th place, 50 backstroke 35.35 (PB) 4th place, 50 breastroke 41.49 4th place, 200 backstroke 2.41.24 (PB) 3rd place, 100 freestyle heats 1.06.89 final 1.06.60 (PB) 3rd place, 100 breastroke heats 1.29.75 5th final 1.29.80 5th place, 50 freestyle 31.43 (PB) 5th place, 100 fly heats 1.16.42 1st final 1.16.36 (PB) 2nd place and 200 breastroke 3.13.93 6th place.

Hannah Edwards moved up a gear to collect an individual second and third place positions for the first time and smash her PBs in 10 races! She joined Ella in the medley and freestyle relays to claim a third place in a fierce battle between Cockermouth and Ulverston. See results below:
50 freestyle 31.24 (PB) 4th, 100 freestyle 1.07.36 (PB) 4th, 200 freestyle 2.28.10 (PB) 4th, 400m freestyle 5.12.61 (PB) 3rd, 800 freestyle 10.36.84 (PB) first 12 year old, 50 back 35.57 (PB) medley relay, 100 back 1.18.45 (PB) 3rd, 100 breast 1.26.88 (PB) 2nd, 200 breast 3.06.57 (PB) 3rd and 200 IM 2.53.53 (PB) 4th place.

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County Championship, National Times and Medal Haul

Congratulations to all County swimmers who have competed over the last two weekends. Especially to Jessica & Josh who secured further National Qualifying Times and Alex, Thomas, Danny, Jessica, Josh, Rachel and William who all came back with medals.

This year's long course Championships produced some fantastic results from our younger swimmers competing there for the first time as well our more experienced and older swimmers. Lancashire is the strongest county for swimming in Great Britain and to get qualifying times for this event is an achievement in itself. To go to this event and produce these excellent performances against some of the Country's top swimmers is testament to the hard work and dedication of our swimmers and coaches.

Competing for the first time at County level were:Rhys Ashton, Alice Sands, Connor Sisson, Connor White and Ben Winterburn

9 year old Rhys Ashton produced a series of very good swims, finishing in the top 14 in all events.

Sunni Rich (10) had four top ten places in her events.

11 year old Thomas Dugdale performed superbly winning his first County medal (Bronze) in the 100m Freestyle (1.09.65) and finishing in the top 8 in all his events bar one.

Hannah Ritchie (11) and Toa Smith (15) finished in top 20 positions in every event, Charles Moore (11) finished in top 20 positions in every event bar one

Alex Livingstone (12) also won a memorable first County medal (Silver) in the 800m Freestyle (10.36.28) and finished 9th in the 400m Freestyle.

Charlotte Dent (14) swam to an impressive 5th place in the 50m Breaststroke, Aimee Banks (13) finished in the top 10 in 3 events

14 year old Jess Shatford swam exceptionally, achieving two National Qualifying times in the 50m & 100m Breaststroke events and Silver medals in the 50m, 100m & 200m Breaststroke (35.27, 1.17.09, 2.50.22 resp)

William Ritchie (15) produced some superb results, winning Silver with a very impressive swim in the 400m Freestyle (4.18.67) and Bronze in the 50m (32.54) and 100m (1.10.96) Breaststroke. He also finished in 5th place in the 200m Freestyle and in the top 13 positions in his other events.

Josh Thompson (15) had an outstanding competition achieving National Qualifying Times and Gold/Silver in the 50m (25.01) and 100m (54.86) Freestyle. He also won Gold medals in the 50m (30.44) & 100m (1.07.38) Breaststroke & 200m Freestyle (1.59.90) and Silver in the 50m Backstroke (29.18) and placed 4th/6th in the 50m/100m Butterfly.

Danny Davies (16) won Bronze medals in the 50m (32.76) and 100m (1.16.13) Breaststroke and finished in the top 16 positions in his other events.

Rachel Ritchie (17) swam only 3 events as she is busy preparing for the Commonwealth trials in April. An excellent swim in the 50m Breaststroke (33.92) won her a Silver medal and solid swims in the 50/100m Freestyle events gave her top 20 placing's.

Connor Sisson (10), Kiera Richmond (11), Ffion Ashton (12), Amie Turner (13) and Connor White (11) all did well, finishing in the top 20 in at least one event, whilst Sarah Bellamy (10) and Ben Winterburn (13) produced some solid results.

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GB Squad Selection for Beau

Well done to Beau Smith who has been selected for the GB team to compete at the University World Triathlon Championships in Brazil on the 20th April. Beau is still an active member of our Open Swim Team and recently been training with the Triathlon Squad
Carnforth Otters Open Team swimmer Beau Smith has been selected for the University GB squad to compete at the World University Championships in Brazil on April 20th 2014. For the official announcement see GB Squad Selection.

Beau will join Calum Grant Johnson - Leeds Metropolitan University, Heather Elizabeth Sellars - University of Leeds, Jennifer Alice Manners - Loughborough University, Lucy Smith - Loughborough University, Luke Leslie Watson - Loughborough University, and Samuel Nicholas Wade - Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The competition will involve Olympic Distance that is 1.5Km swim, 40Km bike and 10Km run.

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